Forever Mocha

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Forever Mocha

Organic and Fairly Traded Chocolate

The flavor: Forever Mocha, a striking and velvety pastiche of coffee and hazelnut!

The Cause: Forever Mocha also reminds pet people that your dog or cat will love you for life. Even when behavioral problems rear their ugly heads, there is no reason to sever your relationship. Many organizations can give you guidance on such issues as:

   behavior training for dogs and cats

   how to negotiate with your landlord about pet issues

   solutions for allergies and shedding

   how to introduce your old pets to a new pet

   low-cost options for boarding and spay/neuter

   trainers in your neighborhood

Start at the Humane Society's Pets for Life page here, and then give Forever Mocha a try!

Ingredients: 66% Organic dark chocolate (cacao beans, cacao butter, pure cane sugar, soy lecithin, vanilla), hazelnut praline (hazelnuts, brown sugar), sugar, coffee.


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