Announcing: Our 2019 Beneficiary!

Better By the Dozen

With a new year just around the corner, which rescue group has been designated as our main beneficiary? Well, we settled upon an even dozen! As we did in the first years of Rescue Chocolate, we have chosen a different partner for each month, hailing from all around the nation. Here is our 2019 roster of extraordinary rescues:

January: Animal Aid
March: No Kill Colorado
April: Associated Humane Societies/Popcorn Park
May: Bobbi and the Strays
June: Fur and Feather Animal Sanctuary
July: All Souls Connected
August: Hurricane Pets Rescue
September: Midwest Rescue of Illinois
October: Famous Fido No Kill Rescue
November: Friends for Life
December: Pets for Patriots

Enjoy another chocolate-filled year as we funnel your dollars to these great organizations!

Sarah Gross Feoli
Sarah Gross Feoli