Just how much money did we donate this year?

A Few of Our Contributions


We thought you might like to see what your Rescue Chocolate purchases have made possible in the way of donations to animal rescue organizations. The list below shows donations we made during the first 11 months of 2017. It contains both cash gifts as well as the value of in-kind chocolate goodies and gift certificates. 


In addition to these donations, Rescue Chocolate has supported hundreds of other groups by supplying chocolate at below-wholesale prices. The groups then re-sell the bars and truffles at the regular retail prices, keeping the difference as fund-raising income. Please let us know if you or your rescue group would like more information on how that program works.

We are pleased to support the work of these wonderful organizations, see all of our rescue partners here

Some of our 2017 contributions:

4 Luv of Dog Rescue $25.00
A Home For Every Living Pet $6.00
All Shepherd Rescue $6.00
Animal Advocates $25.00
Animal Friends of Westmoreland $25.00
AniMall Pet Adoption $25.00
ASPCA $50.00
Athleta Sherman Oaks $150.00
Bark $67.60
Bark in the Park $25.00
BarkHappy $25.00
Barnyard Sanctuary $16.00
Beautiful Together $60.00
Best Friends $50.00
Best Friends: LA $25.00
Best Friends: NYC $180.00
Best Friends: Strut Your Mutt $25.00
Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue $25.00
Broome County Humane Society $25.00
Butte Humane Society $25.00
Catskill Animal Sanctuary $25.00
Central Indiana Lab Rescue $25.00
Compassion In Action $225.00
Cuba Dogumentary $375.00
Everett Animal Shelter $25.00
FARM Conference $25.00
Farm USA $20.00
Farmanity Project $25.00
Feline Community Network $25.00
Foster Dogs Inc. $2,087.30
Friends Animal Shelter (TN) $25.00
Friends of Mount Vernon Shelter $25.00
German Shepard Rescue of N. CA $25.00
GiveDirect $10.00
Global Sanctuary for Elephants $25.00
Green Acres Farm Sanctuary $25.00
Greyhound Pets Inc. $13.00
H&P Animal Alliance $25.00
Hackensack Riverkeeper $25.00
Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary $3.00
Havanese Rescue Inc. $25.00
Heart Rescue Team $25.00
Heartland Farm Sanctuary $308.10
Herbivorous Acres $25.00
Ho-Bo Care Boxer Rescue $25.00
Humane League $75.00
It's All About the Paws $25.00
Jersey Cats $3.00
Justice for Animals $25.00
K9 Lifesavers $4.00
Karma K9 Rescue $8.00
Kelly Foster Kittens $25.00
Lighthouse Farm Rescue $25.00
Logan County Animals $25.00
Longears Mini Donkey Rescue $25.00
Loveland Farm Sanctuary $25.00
MarrVelous Pet Rescue $25.00
Milwaukee Pug Fest $25.00
My Dog is My Home $25.00
Needy Paws Rescue $50.00
New York Animal Care & Control $226.00
NorSled $83.00
North Shore Animal League $40.00
NY Bully Crew $52.90
One Tail at a Time $6.00
Operation Kindness $614.00
Oregon Rescue Challenge $25.00
Paws to People $25.00
Pawsitive Alliance $25.00
Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary $25.00
Pibbles & More Animal Rescue $8.00
Pit Bull Rescue Central $45.00
Pit Sisters (Jacksonville Beach) $6.00
Providence Animal Center $25.00
Puppy Rescue Mission $25.00
Quincy Animal Shelter $25.00
Raising Aid for Dogs At Risk $63.00
Regional Animal Shelter $25.00
Rock the Rescue $25.00
Rockin Pets Foundation $15.00
Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue $25.00
Safe Animal Shelter $25.00
Save the Trailer Park Cats $3.00
Shelter Animals Rescue Group $25.00
Sioux Falls Area Humane Society $25.00
Small Angels Rescue $16.00
SNAFU Rescue $25.00
South Central Bloodhounds $3.00
St. Hubert's $25.00
Survivor Tails Animal Rescue $25.00
Tactical Team for Protection of Animals $25.00
The Bunny Hutch $25.00
The Humane League $24.00
The Rubin Museum $30.00
Three Pits & a Lady $25.00
Valley River Humane Society $25.00
Wags & Whiskers Pet Rescue $25.00

Sarah Gross Feoli
Sarah Gross Feoli