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Love at First Sight, or Second, or 47th

As most animal rescuers know, love at first sight is real. There’s no way to prove it scientifically, but we’ve all experienced it.

Of course all the pooches and kitties pull at your heartstrings as they press their noses through the wire cages at the shelter. But there’s that one, the little one (or the big one) in the corner, with the white (or black, or brown) fur, and the sweetest hazel (or black or brown) eyes, and the floppy (or straight) ears…. That’s the ONE who grabs your heart, paralyzes your legs, constricts your lungs, scrambles your brain--and suddenly you’re hopelessly in love.

We want every visitor to the shelter to get that feeling, and act on it. The adoption form is filled out in a flash, the forever home is prepared, and we rejoice.

But what happens when that certain furry someone attracts more than a single suitor? What if there are two or three or more adoptive families vying for the same animal? Unfortunately, we’ve all seen a lot of this phenomenon too. One animal and adopter is the winner, and the human losers slink off, perhaps never to cross the threshold of the shelter ever again.

It’s a shame, because all the animals who didn’t manage to catch an adopter’s eye are still there and still so worthy of finding good, loving homes.

So it’s high time to publicize the existence of other unscientific but completely real forces in the universe: “Love at Second Sight.” And “Love at Third Sight.” Even “Love at 47th Sight.” Or however many sightings it takes!

The truth is that love doesn’t always arrive in a blinding flash. Sometimes it takes a few get-to-know-you visits, taking place over a series of days or weeks or months. Sometimes the spark of attraction doesn’t ignite for awhile. But when it finally does leap into flames, it is just as passionate and blissful as spontaneous combustion, or even more so.

We wish we could tell everyone shopping at shelters: If your first love has already gone… yay! You now have an opportunity to fall in love all over again, and save another life. Give ‘em all another look.

Any one of those animals can be the best, most lovable companion ever.