FOUND Leash (14 colors!)

Rescue Chocolate is pleased to present a gift "for adopted animals and their people." FOUND MY ANIMAL is a fellow Brooklyn-based, cruelty-free company committed to homeless animals. All net profits from your FOUND purchase are donated to our beneficiary of the year.

The Animals:  By using your FOUND leash you are helping to raise public awareness of the urgent need for animal adoption.

The Rope: Nothing ages more beautifully than marine-grade rope and metals or waxed canvas. Each rope is hand-spliced to withstand thousands of pounds of pull, by professional New England rope-makers (who thank you for supporting their trade). The ends are then "whipped" (an old nautical term) for additional durablility.

The Tags
: The individually-numbered, stamped brass tags on each FOUND leash serve as a reminder of the uniqueness of your animal and allow us to keep track of the number of animals you have helped so far.

: You can find beautiful companion animals to adopt or foster at  or visit your local shelter. An easy way to help those animals waiting to be adopted is to bring towels, dog and cat beds, and food to your local shelter. Most shelters have websites which list their specific needs.

Sizes: All leashes are adjustable and 7 feet in length. Choose from three sizes. Small (2-12 lbs), Medium (12-30 lbs), and Large (30+ lbs).

Leash colors in photos from left to right:
Coral ombre, prismatic, red, Miami green,
latty blue, blush, orange, natural,
purple ombre, indigo ombre, teal ombre, magenta ombre
navy, dark multi ombre

{Leashes ship separately, at no extra cost, from other items in the Rescue Chocolate shop}



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