Fakin' Bacon!

Organic and Fairly Traded Chocolate

The flavor: sweet and salty with an irresistible hit of smokiness!

The cause: A salute to farm animal sanctuaries and compassionate gourmands everywhere.

Introduce your taste buds to the most unexpected of pleasures, and honor all the farm animals who deserve to live out their lives out of factories and in meadows and pastures.

A word from The Laziest Vegans in the World:

I'm so happy [the Fakin' Bacon] bar exists! Besides the fact that Rescue Chocolate donates 100% of their profits to charity, it's really nice to have an answer the the hipster bacon craze. To me, the bar really has a bacon flavor. I think if you are on the fence about Vegetarianism or Veganism, having a fake bacon flavored chocolate bar is a nice gateway drug.   

Thanks guys! 

Ingredients: 66% organic dark chocolate (cacao beans, evaporated cane juice, cocoa butter, soy lecithin), textured vegetable protein (soy flour, caramel color, soybean oil, salt, natural flavors).

Rescue Chocolate is always 100% vegan and Kosher!!


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