Frequently Asked Questions

Can Rescue Chocolate help my animal shelter or rescue organization? 

Yes! Please contact Sarah at to get your organization saving more lives with Rescue Chocolate!


What can I do to save more lives?
Oh, besides eating chocolate? Plenty!
Adopt a shelter pet.
Become a foster in your community.
And most importantly, spay and neuter your pets!


Are your chocolates safe for those with food allergies?
Rescue Chocolate is free of dairy but it is made in a facility that also handles nuts, wheat, dairy, eggs, and soy.


How are orders shipped?
All packages are shipped via UPS, with no signature required for delivery. However, if you would prefer that your package is not simply left on your doorstep, please note on your order that we should mark your package "Signature Required." There is a $5.25 fee for that service. Without that designation, we will not be able to replace your package if you do not receive it (when it is scanned as "Delivered").


I don’t want to order online! Do you offer mail order?

Print out an Order Form, and mail it with your check to:

Rescue Chocolate

Attn: Sarah Feoli

453 East 43rd Street

Brooklyn, NY 11203

If you have any questions about the shipping cost for your order, please email us at


Does B Corp certification mean that you have environmentally-friendly practices? 
Yes! As much as possible, Rescue Chocolate is devoted to limiting our impact on the environment. In addition to being a vegan company, we have been certified as a B Corporation. This is an independent, rigorous, and transparent standard to quantify a business' capacity to create environmental and social good.



Do you ship internationally?
Rescue Chocolate does ship to Canada and select countries in Europe. If you have a special or large request for an international shipment, please email us for details.


Is chocolate healthy?
Chocolate is healthy. When not impeded by dairy and massive amounts of sugar, chocolate’s high antioxidant levels do their magic. Chocolate has been shown to do much to improve health: it lowers blood pressure, absorbs free radicals; lessons pain, and promotes alertness.



Do you have sugar-free chocolates?
Rescue Chocolate does not make sugar-free chocolate at this time. The sugar used in our chocolates is vegan.


Why is Rescue Chocolate vegan?
For ethical and environmental reasons, Rescue Chocolate contains no animal products. For more information on the health, environmental, and ethical reasons behind veganism, check out this primer from PETA.


Where does your chocolate come from? 

The special variety of chocolate that you experience in a Rescue Chocolate bar comes from Rupublica Del Cacao, a subsidiary of the France-based Valrhona Chocolate company. It produces one of the most sought-after multiple-origin couvertures in the world. It was selected by our executive chef Jean Francois Bonnet precisely for its satisfying flavor notes and its ability to blend seamlessly with spices and other ingredients. Rupublica Del Cacao and Valrhona are both certified B Corporations, and they are the entities through which we assure that our chocolate is organic and fairly traded.


How does Rescue Chocolate save lives? 

Rescue Chocolate picks a different animal rescue organization every year to receive a portion of the sale price of our chocolate bars. We also enjoy partnering with hundreds of rescue groups in 2 other ways:


  1.  The groups’ members/clients/volunteers/friends are invited to order Rescue Chocolate online and type the group name into the Gift Note field on the Cart before Checkout. We give back $1 on every item ordered.


  1.  The groups order a selection of Rescue Chocolate at our below-wholesale rate and then re-sell at their adoption events, auctions, or other fund-raisers at the regular retail rate. This way, they earn about $2 profit on each product sold.