Special Events/Catering

Weddings. Bar Mitzvahs. Birthdays. Baby Showers. Oh my!

Do you enjoy Rescue Chocolate and want it at your next event, animal or otherwise?        

Does someone you know follow a kosher or vegan diet?

Treat yourself and your guests to high quality, delicious, and life-saving organic dark chocolates at your next special event!

Pick from our premium chocolate bars and truffles.

To Order contact Sarah at  info@rescuechocolate.com



Peanut Butter Pit Bull MINIS

Our best-selling Peanut Butter Pit Bull bar

now comes in the perfect bite-size package for favors galore.

Peanut Butter Pit Bull Mini              Peanut Butter Pit Bull Mini


Gift Boxes (think favors and gifts!)


When the party’s over, Rescue Chocolate is a deeply appreciated way to acknowledge your hosts and hostesses, maids of honor, ushers and groomsmen, photographer, florist, caterer, hotelier, and all those who went the extra mile to make your event a success. Our Bonbons and Hearts are already nestled in attractive gift boxes. 


Bow Wow Bonbons, assortment of 4:                     $6.00 each*                 

Wild At Heart, box of 2:                                            $5.00 each*           

Wild At Heart, box of 6:                                            $9.00 each*   

Wild At Heart, box of 16:                                          $19.00 each*


(*Prices good for orders of 100 pieces and up)

All labels can be personalized with your own special message and image!


Chocolate Bars 


Leave your guests with a delicious taste in their mouths. Choose from among our 7 flavors of premium dark chocolate bars, each wrapped in a different bright color.

Pick the flavor that corresponds to your favorite rescue issue, or mix them up! 

Bulk rates apply on orders of 100 or more of any flavor and can be customized to include your pet's photo and names/dates for your event. 

100 bars of the same flavor: $375

Personalized label for 100 bars plus art set-up fee: +$35




All chocolate is delivered with Rescue Chocolate glossy postcards to explain to your guests that they’re not just enjoying dessert or party favors, but helping to save lives.

To Order contact Sarah at  info@rescuechocolate.com