What People Are Saying

“Just finished the peanut butter bar in less than ten minutes (one), divine indulgent, and dangerous.” -Bart Z.

“I just tasted Rescue Chocolate — the Peanut Butter Pit Bull kind — and I think I just tasted heaven.” -Jasmin S.

"So tasty, I got an assortment as a gift the other day (best friend ever!), highly recommended!" -S.

"Revived becaise I just tried the Peanut Butter and almost died of happiness. It is AMAZING. The chocolate's good, and the moussey-peanut butter inside was THE GREATEST CANDY BAR FILLER EVER." -V.

" My chocolate just arrived and I had to taste all 4. I was prepared to rave about the chocolate just because it’s vegan and supports rescues. But now I’m raving about it because it’s truly the best chocolate I’ve ever tasted. I had planned to share some with friends – but they’ll have to order their own. Seriously! This is amazing stuff!" -Maureen K.

"I just received my order, your chocolate are unbelievably delicious !" -Virginie H., Vélizy, France

OMG. I just ate Peanut Butter Pit Bull. It’s INSANELY delicious! I am addicted.” -Cynthia K.

"BTW, Rescue Chocolate is by far the VERY best I've ever tasted. Better than Hershey, Lindt, Godiva, etc. It is very smooth & creamy
& just melts in your mouth. My favorite is Peanut Butter Pit Bull. Wow.....it is simply the Best." -D. D.

BLOWN away by Peanut Butter Pit Bull… so inspired and wanting more.” -Demetrius B.

“We just devoured the Bon Bons! Out of this world! Cinnamon is to die for.” -Grace S.

“I hold [Rescue Chocolate] responsible for making me eat 3 1/2 [PB bars] in the past 24 hours… or maybe it’s really my fault? Last night I promised myself I wouldn’t have any more until after this weekend – and I caved for breakfast! …And thanks for the deliciousness of them, and for helping the animals!” -Joy Z.