Cappuccino Kitten Bars

Want “white” chocolate that’s actually non-dairy and unrefined?

Select from our new “Like White” line of euphorically-flavored chocolate bars. Each contains a delicious Superfoods concoction of chia seeds, vanilla bean, cashews, brazil nuts, and more! 

In this collection, the taste of white chocolate gets elevated to an unprecedented level of richness and flavorful complexity. In one bite, taste the full palate of sweet, savory, salty, and light.   

Like White: Cappuccino Kitten
With two shots of espresso infused through!


The Cause:  Holding and bottle-feeding newborn kittens and pups is a critical life-saving act. But animal shelters and rescue groups often don’t have enough hands to go around. Perhaps you can volunteer for a shift or two. Check out these resources on how it's done:


Cappuccino Kitten ingredients: White chocolate (cacao butter, cashews, cane sugar, chia seeds, brazil nuts, almonds, vanilla bean powder, sea salt), coffee beans, cacao nibs

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